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Hi Everyone,

You may have seen some custom modular MDF terrain in the terrain cupboard over the last 6 months in a clear plastic box. 
The pieces makes a 4ftx4ft board (16x 12x12inch tiles) with hills, wooded areas, large hill and flat open areas. 

Over the next few weeks/months I'd like people to use it and play test with it and give feed back on this thread if at all possible.
Don't worry if the board gets scuffed or small piece come off as it's meant to be used and played with - I'm working on it!  Big Grin  

After your game If you get 5 minutes, could you answer a few questions

Questions to answer;

What gaming system were you playing?

Was it good/bad to play on for your gaming system? why?

Did you find your layout of the board interesting and inspiring to play on?

What would you add, take away or change?

Thank you for taking the time to play test the boards. Please leave comments and responses to answers in this thread.

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