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Conquest of Sladus 4. 40k Escalation campaign
(09-04-2018, 09:21 AM)Fitz Wrote: Think it's time for another roll call for players and armies

Astra Militarum
Warhammer 40K (Astra Militarum & CSM) | AoS/WFB (Dark Elves) | X-Wing (Rebels) | Dropfleet Commander (UCM) | LoTR (Uruk Hai)
Models painted in 2016: 36
Models painted in 2017: 74
Models painted in 2018: 11
OK. So we've got 11 armies. Maybe we can squeeze in 1 more. but that'll be it.

Updated the army list thread
For the Angelic Horde!
12 if you add me to your update. You've missed me off...
as my nurgle force is all painted and i've got a space wolves army in boxes.....i may be building and painting up those for this....depending on when we actually start!
Simian aka Ben
40k (all things nurgle), Malifaux (Guild, Gremlins & Ressers), In Her Majesties Name (Professor Berengei's Circus), Bolt Action (Big Red One), WFB (Dwarfs), Dredd (Robots), OGaM, Necromunda (Redemptionists)

Hooting into the Abyss

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