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Star Wars: Legion
I have acquired the core set as well. Will be bringing it wth me on 17th alongside Walking Dead. Really enjoyed it so far!

Awaiting the expansions though Smile
They had this scenery at Rubery gaming club on Sunday, thought it was pretty cool!
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Hi all

I know some people have been playing Star Wars Legion. I’m thinking of starting, but can I ask for a bit of advice?

Reading around, I’ve realised that the core set doesn’t actually contain enough for a full game using either the rebel or empire forces. There are, of course, expansions to make up to the full 800 points. However, some articles I’ve read are suggesting getting two copies of the core set, rather than one as a way of getting enough models.

Just wondered what anyone else has done and what people’s opinion on this are?

I see there is talk about setting up a league. I’d be keen to take part. Are you thinking of full 800 point games?


Welcome on board. Having just done a quick calculation the Rebel side of the core set can push to a maximum of 482 points. The Imperials points cost is a bit more. To be honest two core sets plus one of each heavy option (AT-ST and T-47) is fine, although you might be a little limited on options. Personally as I have gone Rebels I bought two core, two Rebel infantry, an AT-RT and a T-47, and the air speeder has yet to see the table. The issue with two cores, is that you double up on unique commanders, and both Vader and Luke are expensive to start with before any upgrades. Going to core, you then need something to fill out the duplicatable points.
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen
Hi Ryan,
Are you planning on having both armies? If you want to go halves and be either Rebels or Imperials I will buy a core set and Go halves with you...? I have no preference Rebels or Imperial so, let me know and we can get ordering...?
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