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Luke's Hobby Log
10-07-2017, 09:44 AM
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RE: Luke's Hobby Log
So, while things have been pretty hectic lately, I have managed to do a reasonable amount of painting in the month of June. Mostly I've been progressing to finish off odd Space Marine Models. Haven't got any photos of these as they're packed up at the minute but I've done;

- 10 Man Devatator Sqaud
- 5 Man Catphratacti Terminator Squad
- 1 Dreadnought
- A bunch of assorted characters - all the ones I had left - only 2 are fully finished anf the other 10 are sat on the Paint Station nearly complete so I'll post an image when they're done
- I've also nearly finished one squad of the New Primaris Marines

Having done all that power armour, I've taken a break to start a smaller project from my to do list;

I took this image of the first few completed models - I've actually fully finished 6 and all the tokens, with another two nearly complete.

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