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Mordheim campaign warbands.
The campaign can comfortably hold roughly eight warbands. I think there are around 7 people interested (8 including me). Though if there's a last minute request before start of campaign. As campaign organiser. I'll step down.

This is a list of warbands. If you PM me your warbands (when made) including the short story (if you wrote one) and I'll pop them up here. Once all are in. I'll start the contest for the bonus 25gc.

Wills Beastman Raiders Warband
Quote:The warherd had stopped in a quiet grove in the forests. No birds sang, the foulness of the beastmen kept the natural creatures of this forest away. A large green glowing barrier barred their way.

The chief of the foul band of beasts, Gararch smashed is clawed fist into the Glowing green magical barrier in front of him. Full of anger he turned around and crashed his horned head into the beastman close to him. “What is this beast-tounge? You promised me you knew the way to the ancient herdstone of my ancestors!”
Beast-tounge snarled as blood dripped from one of his horns, “The herdstone is shielded by some kind of elvish magic, I cannot find a way through.” Beast-tounge snuffled “But I smell manflesh and look at the tracks, they have passed through the barrier unhindered. It only affects our kind, it is a weakness in the magical energies, a weakness I can exploit, but I need more power”
Gararch Looked around the empty glade in which they stood, the other members of their warhead, not truly understanding events, lounged around it. “Where will you get that?” He grumbled.

Beast-tounge snorted and pointed east to where black smoke rose above the horizon. “The humans call it mordheim, There is much magic there. We will travel to this place and gather what I need to pass the barrier. When the herdstone is reclaimed many Beastkin will follow your call. The forces of the world will tremble before you, you will destroy much”
Gararch Looked sideways at beast-tounge, then he licked his fangs and grinned "We raid the city then. This is good, more will come as my fame grows in this mordheim place, herdstone or no” With this Gararch Growled loudly to the small warband following him. “WE GO, EAST TO THE CITY” He was met with snarls and snorts of agreement and excitement at the coming raids.

As he turned to leave Gararch snarled at beast-tounge "I will be a Beastlord as you promised, much will be my tribute. You will regret making such promises if you do not follow them, wether you are a shaman or not" with that Gararch left, the war band following.

Beast-tounge lingered at the green glow of the barrier as the warherd moved off. Reaching into his robe he pulled out a small amulet which he quietly spoke into “It is as you predicted master, I was able to misdirect Gararch with a simple barrier spell, He will raid the city for us and collect the artefacts and warpstone you require”, with that done he then moved to join the warherd leaving the glade empty.

Beastman Raiders Warband

Gararch The Drake-slayer

Beastman Chief - 65 Crowns

heavy armour, Two handed weapon - 50 + 15

Ozorge The Beast-tounge

Shaman - 45 crowns
Axe and Mace - 5 + 3

Horgarh Greymane
Bestigor 45
Heavy Armour, double handed weapon, - 50 + 15

Dreght Halfhorn
Bestigor 45
Sheild, Axe: 5+5

Gor 35
Sheild, axe: 5+5

Gor 35
shield, axe: 5+5

Gor 35
Axe, dagger 5 + 0

Ungor 25
spear, shield 10 + 5

518 Crowns total

The Crypt Creepers. Fitz's Undead warband

Quote:The rain lashed down thick and heavy as the three hooded and cloaked figures made their way through the darkness along alleyways of the city. "Are you sure you know where you're going?" asked one of the figures. Pulling his cloak tighter around himself.
"Course I know!" came the gruff reply of the figure leading them. "It's just roun 'ere" He said gesturing with his thumb.
"So 'oo we meetin' then?" said the third. The youngest by the sound of his voice.
"Some rich nob." The first replied "Apparently got some job fer us. Summat about treasure huntin'."
"So you don't exactly know?" Said the second in a short tone. "How do you know it ent a setup?"
"That's why I chose 'The broken spear' as a meetin' didn't I" The leader said. Tapping the side of his temple to emphasise the masterwork of his plan.
"I dunno Ripper. Summat don' feel right" Said the youngest.
"See Ripper. When Tim gets one of his feelins. I tend to listen" The second said in a hushed tone.
Ripper stopped and turned to look at the other two. "I'm the one who they made contact with! I set up this meetin'." He said gesturing at himself with his finger to emphasise each point. "We ent a a job in months. If you want to go back to beggin fer scraps you can go back now. Me I want some crowns in me pocket" With that he turned and made his way round the corner. Leaving the other two to follow or leave as they chose.

The Broken Spear sat in a dark, run down part of the city. A sign bearing the image of a spear snapped half way down the haft hung from a post attached to the wall of the building, swinging softly in the rain. A soft glow coming from the windows. The candles inside providing just enough light to cast shadows of the patrons moving inside. The three figures entered the gloom. Taking in the patrons an sizing up the room. The room was quiet aside from soft murmuring from groups of drunks sat hunched over their drinks. The youngest of the group coughed slightly at the amount of smoke filling the room, before shrugging apologetically at a glare from the leader.

The aged barman looks over to them sizing them up before nodding to a cloaked figure sat at the corner, his feet propped on a chair. Almost swathed in darkness a red glow casting an almost crimson cast to his features. The group carefully made way through the patrons too engrossed with their drinks. "I believe you have a job for us ser?" Ripper said as they approached.

The figure was dressed in fine clothes. A well made black cloak with red trim covered a padded vest an black riding pants. Jet black shin length boots were propped on the chair. His raven dark hair was cropped short to give the impression of almost framing his pale, high cheeked noble features. Violet eyes regarded the trio. "I do" He said in heavily accented Reikspiel "...providing you think you are capable." His eyes almost boring into the three. "I guarantee we are" Ripper said. "so whats the job?"
"My...Lord. Has an interest in an expedition to claim relics and. Resources. From Mordheim."
"Mordheim!" Exclaimed the youngest. "You'd have to be brainless to go to that accursed city!"
The Noble smiled, as if at some joke. Revealing pointed fangs. "If that's what it takes." he said with a gesture of his hand. The rest of the patrons stood up from their tables cloaks falling from their shoulders revealing slack jawed zombies and needle toothed ghouls. "You could serve me as one of my court." he said gesturing to the crowd. "..or as someone in my employ." he said holding out a purse almost bursting with crowns.

Ripper looked around, and then back at the vampire with a wry smile "I believe we have a contract my lord."
"Told you something didn't feel right" Tim mumbled.


Mikael von Carstein
Vampire 110 gc
light armour 20gc, halberd 10gc, bow 10 gc, dagger 0gc

Wekras Crow
Necromancer 35gc
Helmet 10gc, bow 10gc, dagger 0gc
Spell(s): (3) Death vision

Dreg 20gc
Sword 10gc, Sheild 5gc, Dagger 0gc

Dreg 20gc
Mace 3gc, Dagger 0gc

Weird Tim
Dreg 20gc
Bow 10gc, Dagger 0gc


Ghoul 40gc

Ghoul 40gc

Ghoul 40gc

Dire Wolf 50gc

The Silent Brethren
Zombie 15gc, Zombie 15gc, Zombie 15gc, Zombie 15gc


Wakkos Skaven Warband (subject to edit)
[b]HEROES (275 gold crowns)

Assassin Adept
Dagger, Sling & Sword (60 + 12 = 72 gold crowns)

Eshin Sorcerer
Dagger, Sling & Dagger (45 + 2 + 2 = 49 gold crowns)

Black Skaven
Dagger, Sling & Sword (40 + 12 = 52 gold crowns)

Black Skaven
Dagger, Sling & Sword (40 + 12 = 52 gold crowns)

Night Runner Dagger
Sling & Club (20 + 5 = 25 gold crowns)

Night runner
Dagger, Sling & Club (20 + 5 = 25 gold crowns)

HENCHMEN (225 gold crowns)

5 x Verminkin
Dagger, Sling & Club (100 + 25 = 125 gold crowns)

4 x Verminkin
Dagger, Sling & Club (80 + 20 = 100 gold crowns)

Size = 15
Starting Experience = 20 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 44
Starting Gold = 0
Rating= 119

The Wild Rose Company. Lukes Dwarven warband
Quote:Crow Jane thought to himself “By Grungni, why did I ever think this was a good idea”. If there was even a grain of truth to the tales, then his distant relative was far too unpredictable by Dwarven standards to even bother meeting, let alone partnering with for the quest ahead. However, where they were going, maybe that was an advantage.

He instructed his followers to wait outside, as he opened the heavy oak door. The scene that confronted him was strange, even to Dwarf as travelled as him. The tavern contained all manner of races, with a group of strange looking Elves at one table, hushed whispers passing between them as they huddled over the most ancient tome Crow had ever laid eyes on. At another table a group of goblins were playing cards, with vicious cackles erupting periodically as one of them won, greedily snatching up the wide manner of objects that were being bet.

Crow spied who he was looking for in the corner, a single dwarf who looked like he was sleeping. Drawing all his courage, he approached. As he drew close, the Dwarf leapt up with incredible speed, drawing his axe. Crow held with hands up, and spoke “Greetings Balsud, I come as a friend”. The dwarf stood, poised to strike while examining Crow, then spotted the Clan Emblem upon his armour and warily backed off, resuming his previous position.
There was a moment of silence before the dwarf spoke, in a gravelly voice “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll leave before you’re seen with me. As you more than likely know, me and the Clan elders had a ….. falling out”.
Crow replied, “That’s exactly why I’m here, I’ve had a similar disagreement, and chose to leave before they cast you out”. “That’s why sought you out with a proposition to make. Let us work together, to create a new community of like-minded dwarfs who are fed up with the …… restrictions put upon us by the elders. People still respect your name, and I have spoken to many who are prepared to follow us”.
The dwarf looked up, staring with an emotionless expression, before speaking “In order to do that, we’re going to need gold. A lot of gold”.

Crow took a seat at the table, and drew an ancient looking map of what appeared to be a human city from his bag. “Fortunately, I know exactly where we can get that”. He paused for a moment, before continuing, “The cursed city, ….. Mordheim”.


Balsud Yorisson – AKA ‘Stagger Lee’
Noble – 155gc
Base 85gc, Heavy Armour 50gc, Shield 5gc, Dwarf Axe 15gc

Crow Jane
Dwarf Engineer – 85gc
Base 50gc, Handgun 35gc


Dwarf Beardling – 55gc
Base 25gc, Helmet 10gc, Shield 5gc, Dwarf Axe 15gc

Dwarf Beardling – 55gc
Base 25gc, Helmet 10gc,Shield 5gc, Dwarf Axe 15gc

Dwarf Beardling 45gc
Base 25gc, Shield 5gc, Dwarf Axe 15gc

Crow Janes Cowboy 1 (Name TBC)
Dwarf Thunderer – 65 gc
Base 40gc, Crossbow 25gc

Crow Janes Cowboy 2 (Name TBC)
Dwarf Thunderer – 65 gc
Base 40gc, Crossbow 25gc

525 Crowns Total
For the Angelic Horde!
Ps. I can bring along extra warband rosters for anyone unable to print them.
For the Angelic Horde!
First warband is in and up. Just pm me your warband and story when ready and I'll put it up
For the Angelic Horde!
Everywhere you see, all of Mankind is beset by evil forces both Old and New.
Several realms of man are beset by a nightmarish hordes from the depths of the World below.
Soon entire cities will be lost as the Skaven race once more invaded in order to bring about the start of the final destruction of the surface world.
This is the story of just one Clan, as it marches on Mordheim.

HEROS (275 gold crowns)
Skittink the Whisper - Assassin Adept : Dagger, Sling & Sword (60 + 12 = 72 gold crowns)
Stilin the Deadly - Eshin Sorcerer : Dagger, Sling & Dagger (45 + 2 + 2 = 49 gold crowns)
Faderaden Shade - Black Skaven : Dagger, Sling & Sword (40 + 12 = 52 gold crowns)
Obsciven Hemlock - Black Skaven : Dagger, Sling & Sword (40 + 12 = 52 gold crowns)
Sliven Sneek - Night Runner : Dagger, Sling & Club (20 + 5 = 25 gold crowns)
Faderikch the Silent - Night runner : Dagger, Sling & Club (20 + 5 = 25 gold crowns)

HENCHMEN (250 gold crowns)
5 x Verminkin Dagger, Sling & Club (100 + 25 = 125 gold crowns)
5 x Verminkin Dagger, Sling & Club (100 + 25 = 125 gold crowns)

Size = 16
Starting Experience = 20 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 44
Starting Gold = 0
Rating = (16 x 5) + 44 = 124
Tyranids - They are coming! I feel then scratching inside my mind, scratching, screaming, running, so many - so, so many voices.

40k Adepta Sororitas, Imperial Knights & Tyranids
Blood Bowl Norse - Valhalla Vengeance
Flames of War US 101st Airborne
EPIC AMTL & Black Legion
Warmaster Skaven
Bolt Action US 101st Screaming Eagles
DropZone Resistance
4 warbands in and up.

Remember. If your warband has a magic user. Spells are generated at warband creation. And you keep that spell all campaign
For the Angelic Horde!
How're peoples warbands coming along? Much practice?
For the Angelic Horde!
(08-06-2016, 03:22 PM)Fitz Wrote: How're peoples warbands coming along? Much practice?

On my to do list Fitz Tongue
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill

Here's the Witch Hunter Warband for the campaign.

Captain - Edgar of 'No Face' (60) Sword, Mace, Cross bow (38) 98

Priest (40) Sword, Mace, Pistol (28) 68

Witch Hunter 1 (25) Sword, Mace, Pistol (28) 53
Witch Hunter 2 (25) Sword, Mace, Pistol (28) 53
Witch Hunter 3 (25) Double-handed Weapon (15) 40

Zealot 1 (20) Mace (3) 23
Zealot 2 (20) Sword, Shield (15) 35
Flagellant 1 (40) Flail (15) 55
Flagellant 2 (40) Flail (15) 55
Warhound 1 15
Warhound 2 15
Warhound 3 15

525g total.

I'll post a story before the campaign kick off.

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