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Ardacon Hobbit SBG International - 21st - 23rd October 2016
More tickets have just been released for this...

Quote:Tournament Information: Chaos In Arda (400 points) Friday 21st October.

Grand Tournament/World Team Championships (600 points) Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd October.

Ardacon Doubles (350 points per player) Sunday 23rd October.

Welcome to the world's first Ardacon: SBG International, a fan run convention to celebrate the Hobbit Hobby and Games Workshop's Hobbit Strategy Battle Game!

The convention will host three unique tournaments, from the fun and unpredictable Chaos in Arda on the Friday evening, then onto the Grand Tournament spanning Saturday and Sunday with 100 Great British Hobbit League points up for grab and including the first World Team Championship inclusive scoring as we look for our first Hobbit SBG World Champions! Then to finish off, a run chaser Ardacon Doubles event into the Sunday evening.

Held in a central Manchester hotel, this convention will aim to bring together all areas of the game AND hobby and be an opportunity for all to truly celebrate the growing strength of our community and be a host to many demonstration games, workshops, seminars and stalls.

With teams confirmed from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Poland, and more, with some of those teams comprising of well known supporters of SBG on youtube and other mediums, this is set to be a truly electric event for anyone with a love and a passion for this game and it's models.

We fully expect this gathering to be the largest Hobbit SBG event ever held, with only 120 places up for grab, there isn't a moment to lose.
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