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Resucitating BFG
Howdy all

As many of you know my wargaming hobby has gone from 0 - c in a very short space of time.

Now having found a few BFG recasters, an australian company near perfect imperial ship replicas and all the rules here ( i wondered if

A) its worth it. I know a campaign was ran not too long ago. Wondering if people still have their models for games.

B) anyone would be willing to run through fleet strengths/classes/rules with me at some point.

C) is it fun to play?

Cheers in advance.

BFG is great, not too many currently at the club play it. There's me JJ and Will I think who all have fleets.

I would be happy to run you through an intro game sometime, yes it is very fun to play IMO. I have necrons and imperials so assuming you have chaos, we could do imperials vs chaos, the necron rules are a bit different.

Personally I would love to link BFG with a 40K mini campaign at some point.

I know Halo fleet battles is being released soon from spartan games and think some ppl may have an eye on that so don't know whether you would interested in that instead/as well - might get played more, remains to be seen.
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Yeah Will and I both have fleets still. Keith and Graham would potentially come back for some more BFG too if we let them know we're playing.
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What about firestorm armada? was looking at that
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(17-07-2015, 10:27 AM)Baalborn87 Wrote: What about firestorm armada? was looking at that

I've looked at Firestorm Armada multiple times, but I've not gone in on any models because i don't know anyone else that plays it.
Hi guys. Yes me and Keith are still around (lurking) and we still have all our BFG models. We played a game a couple of months ago at my house, but really our biggest problem is finding time as we both have young families and therefore other obligations. I also play tennis and annoyingly the "social" night is also on a Tuesday night.

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