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Absent from club
Hi out of hospital now, don't know when I shall be down to the club yet as I cannot drive yet, I haven't got full use of my right leg yet. I hope all is well with you all.

John B.
Great Granddad Ninja 75% Bionic
Sorry to hear you've been unwell John! glad you're on the road to recovery though. Big Grin

hope to see you back at the club soon.
Simian aka Ben
40k (all things nurgle), Malifaux (Guild, Gremlins & Ressers), In Her Majesties Name (Professor Berengei's Circus), Bolt Action (Big Red One), WFB (Dwarfs), Dredd (Robots), OGaM, Necromunda (Redemptionists)

Hooting into the Abyss
Hi John, good to hear from you! Hope you're on the mend. If you need a lift then let me know!

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"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
Get well soon John
Flames of War- Irish Guards Bloodbowl- Orcs, Humans
Cutlass- Teddy Bear Pirates Warhammer- Bretonnia
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28mm Zulu War- Still painting !! SAGA Normans, Saracens
Bolt Action - German and British Infantry
Malifaux - Gremlins
Guildball - Butchers
Yeah all the best John hope you recover soon.

40K - Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Necrons; Lord of the Rings - lots; Bloodbowl - Dwarves, Wood Elves; SAGA - Anglo Danes & Welsh; Guildball - Morticians, Engineers; Dropzone/fleet - Shaltari
Best wishes for a speedy recovery John. Smile


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