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SEVEN YEARS WAR in 25/28mm
For those who don't know me, I'm Karl Farrell (Alvechurch Templars); I've recently started attending RWS Tuesday meetings playing a lot of SAGA.
I was just wondering if any of you "Redites" have any 7YW (1756-1763) armies? For example:
* French/Indian (re-North American campaigns)
* European (any nationality)
* India theatre (Clive, etc.)
It's a bit of a pet project of mine over the last couple of decades or so, and I've built up a sizeable European British army. This includes:-
* Over a dozen battalions of Infantry (16 figs per batt.)
* Several squadrons of Cavalry (6 figs per sqd.)
* Five pieces of Artillery with crews.
Please respond if you're interested in wargaming the period.

I have some 'traditional wargamer' friends round and about, who don't have time to come to club on a regular basis and who wouldn't want to play GW. But, they are amenable to coming along for an occassional game of something 'right and proper'!

I put the word out on 7YW, but no takers from my external group. They are more happy to play Napoleonics. Mostly use DBA rules.
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Don't know whether Simon or Steve have any interest in this era? Might be worth a PM.
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Sorry, not got any of this era,more of a 19th and 20th century man!
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