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College of Artisans.....WTF????
Ok so being a little bored, I thought I would look to see when the next Throne of Skulls is due to take place. Not up yet, but at least I know that now. However something interesting is available, for ticket purchase.

College of Artisans.

Not a clue, but tickets are £70 or £35 for a weekend. Interesting what do I get for my money? For £70 for 5 days Games Workshop, provided you give them the models at set times, will Spray Undercoat your plastic Black or White. Other than that you buy your models, assemble your models, paint your models, can play games at Warhammer World, and buy food from Bugmans (not included in your ticket price.) So basically what everybody else will be doing for free, but your paying a premium. Oh and there is a Laser Printed certificate and painting competition, but not much else. So for £14 a day (£17.50 on weekends,) I get to do something which is normally free.


Edit - Ok sorry it's £75 for a week, which is oh so much better.
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(01-02-2013, 06:13 PM)Gareth Wrote: Ohhhh maiiiii god!!!!!!! Neeeeckkkkk-rooonnnnnsssss!!!!!
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