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alternate 15mm suppliers
Ok guys ive been looking around online a bit for other 15mm ww2 companies so far I've used battle front an PSC

Does anyone have any other favourites?

Got some stuff from peter pig today very heavy lead based stuff,but there very nicely done =)

command decision stuff came today 3 reccie half tracks,they look a little tall compared to the PSC stuff but that might just be me,I'll get some pictures up
Wayland games and Ebay are good for infantry, because you get them cheaper then but you still get the bases!
My armies!
28mm Ancients:Early Imperial Romans (Roman invasion of Britainnia and Germainia with segmented armour) Legio II Augusta along with Praetorian Guard
15mm ww2: British infantry company (ussaully, thought I got a company of tanks)
28mm Napleonics: Austrain- 1st Landwehr (Silly hats)

History lover

"They were the first Greeks, as far as I know, to charge at a run, and the first to dare look without flinching at Persian dress and the men who wore it; for until that day came, no Greek could even hear the word Persian without terror." -Herodotus


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