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Kill Team Campaign - jjakaalbinoboy - 29-08-2018

Hey folks, 

As discussed last night, we're going to setup a monthly Kill Team night, last Tuesday of each month. The games played on these nights will form part of the campaign so that your Kill Teams will develop and gain experience etc. This then affects games in the next monthly night.

I'll look at developing a bit more structure and narrative depending on how many are up for this. 

Reply below if you want to be involved with your name and faction you'll be playing, put TBC if you haven't decided yet, although it would be good if you could decide before the next night on Tuesday 25th September.

Name / Forum ID Faction
JJ / jjakaalbinoboy Astra Militarum
Ryan / RyanL Death Guard
Andy / amnvespa Harlequins Kill Team "Hotel Chocolat"
Ben / Hartland Necrons Kill Team "Factory Defects"
Simon / LankySi Plague Marines
Russell Drukhari
Trenton / Lord_Heru’ur Tau
Matt S(2) / drMTickle Orks (Nazbug Marauders)
Alan H / Agent0range Astra Militarum
Dave W / wako1302 Tyranids

RE: Kill Team Campaign - RyanL - 29-08-2018

I'm in and I'm going to be using my death guard.

RE: Kill Team Campaign - amnvespa - 29-08-2018

Yup, my Harlequins are coming to play....... squad name is Hotel Chocolat and the players are Crunchie, Kit, Kat, Wispa, Galaxy & Freddo

RE: Kill Team Campaign - Hartland - 29-08-2018

I'm in too with Necrons. Squad name, Factory Defects.

RE: Kill Team Campaign - LankySi - 29-08-2018

Count me in with Plague Marines please

I'll make sure I get some games in before the 25th

RE: Kill Team Campaign - Russell - 30-08-2018

I can run Orks or Drukhari - I'm pretty easy tbh they're both good fun - Orks might win it though for me

RE: Kill Team Campaign - Lord_Heru’ur - 31-08-2018

I’ll join For The Greater Good of course. Team name to follow...

RE: Kill Team Campaign - drMTickle - 06-09-2018

Sign me up

I will either run Adeptus Astartes (The Adrogans) or Orks (Narsnaga Marauders) - need to try out a few games to see which I prefer

Unfortunately will be missing the 1st round but happy to play catch up

RE: Kill Team Campaign - Russell - 07-09-2018

Orks - always Orks

RE: Kill Team Campaign - Agent0range - 07-09-2018

I'm down for this, although it clashes with DfC?

I'll either play my Astra Militarum, or potentially a Space Marine/Space Wolf KT that I'm building.

Names to follow for the Space Wolves.