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Necromunda campaign? - hectorkmackenzie - 29-10-2017

Are you guys going to be having a campaign when Necro is released?

RE: Necromunda campaign? - jjakaalbinoboy - 29-10-2017

I'd be up for this, planning to buy the 2 player box on release. Think Charlotte mentioned she was getting it too. Possibly Matt and Will too?

RE: Necromunda campaign? - hectorkmackenzie - 29-10-2017

I'll be using my Van Saars anyway so I won't be buying the box Smile

Do you have suitable terrain?

RE: Necromunda campaign? - jaqenhgar - 29-10-2017

Yeah we have some necromunda terrain. There is a shadow war armageddon campaign going at the moment so there are a fair few people playing that - might be some interested in necromunda as well.

RE: Necromunda campaign? - jjakaalbinoboy - 29-10-2017

I don't currently have any Necromunda models. The club has quite a decent amount of original Necromunda terrain.

RE: Necromunda campaign? - Simian - 30-10-2017

i have a whole lot of necromunda models, would love to do a campaign, will be back to being a regular attendee mid/late November now though!

RE: Necromunda campaign? - Agincourt - 30-10-2017

I am up for some Necro Big Grin

RE: Necromunda campaign? - amnvespa - 13-02-2018

If this is happening, I'd like to throw my Delaques into the mix....


RE: Necromunda campaign? - hectorkmackenzie - 15-02-2018

I am going to wait until there is a decent selection of gangs.

RE: Necromunda campaign? - Lord_Heru’ur - 17-02-2018

If one does appear, count me in. Still need to get into the rules a bit though.