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Full Version: Gangs of Rome
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New game from Warlord, up for pre-order on Dec 1st.

Quote:Step into the streets and alleyways of the ancient Roman Empire. Those streets have become rife with carnage and unrest in these uncertain times. Gangs of brutal Fighters are used as weapons to exert the will of their paymasters. These paymasters, known as Domini, are ambitious heads of Roman households; as such a Dominus you begin your story in troubled times…

Gangs of Rome is a new skirmish game from War Banner in which you will use unique fighters, pitting them against the gangs of rival Domini in both campaign and scenario play to earn influence enough to manipulate your way into the Senate. Then, as a Senator of Rome, you will be granted the power to destroy your enemies with methods far greater than the sword.

So hold on to your sandals and watch your back, Dominus!

Things are about to get bloody…