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Full Version: Fallout: Wasteland Warfare
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A few of us were talking about this on Tuesday evening.

Bit more info:
I played a Demo game of this at Colours this year for half an hour or so. Quite fun and straightforward game although the stuff is pretty expensive to buy, probably mainly because it is a licensed product.

(21-12-2017, 10:06 AM)Stuart Wrote: [ -> ]A few of us were talking about this on Tuesday evening.

Bit more info:
I like the look of this but realistically I'm already trying to play too many games and spending too much money haha and this is quite expensive.
This looked pretty decent at Salute although it is quite expensive. Is there much interest in it?
I watched a bit of a game at Salute also. I didn't come away with an opinion either way, but...

I am at a stage now where I have (in theory) chosen a handful of my many owned games to concentrate on for the time being. I will only go for a new game if a group of us commit to do that so there is impetus to get regular games in.

I am still keen to try the cowboys out but we need more folk to commit to that.
I played this game over the weekend, its good, its not quick it took about 4 hours with 4 of us playing.....however it has one major flaw, how it ends, its very very sudden, and often isnt related to the main plot. literally it went from "you're hunting through a vault" to "you rested over night and got well rested, congratulations you've won"